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Russian SU-35 Denies US Air Superiority

11.09.2015 13:08

The US media has sounded the alarm that the F-15, which the US Air Force touts as an "all-weather, extremely maneuverable, tactical fighter designed to gain and maintain air superiority in aerial combat", is now facing tough competition from Russia's Sukhoi Su-35 (NATO reporting name Flanker E), and wonders which would win in a face-to-face battle.

The US seems to be losing its presumed air superiority.

Its F-15 Eagle, which was believed to be able to "penetrate enemy defense and outperform and outfight current or projected enemy aircraft", seems to be losing its ground, according to the US magazine The National Interest.

The outlet has come up with a comparative analysis of the F-15 and Su-35 and concluded that if the two met in a face-to-face battle, it wouldn’t be "the one-sided turkey-shoot the Air Force has gotten used to".

As it turns out, the Su-35 has lots of areas where it is able to outperform America's "mighty jet".