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Arrogant NATO Anglo-Saxons friendly-fire

10.09.2015 09:51

According to Pajhwok Afghan News, the victims of airstrikes in Helmand province in the south were 17 drug enforcement police officers. No reaction of official Kabul or ISAF representatives has yet been reported.

Chief editor of Russian Institute of Strategic Studies' journal, called "National Strategy Problems," Ajdar Kurtov explained the presence of such cases in ISAF practise and how it is related to the migration crisis in Europe to the "Russian Peacekeeper".

The expert pointed out that "air-strike friendly fire" in Afghanistan is very surprising. "Modern aircraft is crammed with electronics, and strikes from unreachable altitude. What is important, is who coordinates these strikes and how good is their aim, which is a big problem in Afghanistan" - he said.

In addition, rebels may well act within the ranks of NATO supporters and deliberately give wrong information. "Of course, NATO forces have their own network of ground informants, but they are not representatives of the Alliance. As a rule, they are just Afghans employed for the task, and for money the local population is able to fool those who pay, and give the wrong coordinates. They can stick to their own opinions about who should and should not be destroyed "- said the expert.

Nonetheless, Kurtov presumed, that technical factor also may have been the cause. "Electronics are good at recognizing target vehicles, SUVs, storage facilities and other military facilities, and the Afghan policemen were armed only with light weapons, which is rather difficult to recognize for drones at high altitude" - the expert noted, adding that even if the police were dressed in military uniform, they could be easily confused with the rebels.

The expert stressed that despite the large number of cases of friendly fire the representatives of international contingent in Afghanistan were never accounted for such actions. "I don't know of any case when foreign military in Afghanistan were actually prosecuted and would suffer ppunishment," - said Kurts.

He recalled that during NATO contingent's stay in Afghanistan, civilians repeatedly became victims of security forces' actions. "Several years ago, NATO made an airstrike on the convoy of fuel trucks with civilians close nearby. There were very many victims. However, NATO got away with that as well as with the repeated burning of the Quran on NATO military bases in Afghanistan, and many other cases" - said the expert.

"For the Americans and their NATO allies, Afghanistan is a training ground where they can hone military prowess, but living people are instead of cardboard targets, people, who were originally the cause for intervention far back in December 2001," - said Kurtov.

According to him, NATO member states' insolent attitude to the people of the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia is shown in the events taking in Europe, which is faced with migration crisis.

"What happened back in far-away Afghanistan and now takes place on the European continent, shown Anglo-Saxon and Western cultures' arrogance toward other nations. According to them, indigenes need to be destroyed the way Germans destroyed local people during the First World War in their colonies in Africa, or the way the British destroyed the Hindus, when they possessed India," - said Kurtov.

Finally, the expert reminded that just recently the international community watched what cruel methods were used during the aggression in Libya and now in Syria. "This shows that NATO pilots are not some refined heroes" - summed up Kurtov.