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Notaries of Ukraine Recognize Crimea as Russian Territory

20.08.2015 12:11

According to the head of Crimean Committee for State Registration and Cadaster Alexander Spiridonov, the western Ukrainian city of Lutsk has acknowledged the Crimea as part of Russia. 

Notary officers from Lutsk currently refer to the Black Sea peninsula of Crimea as “an essential part of Russia”. Spiridonov stressed the political significance of the fact that during the registration of real estate deals, the Lutsk notary officers now issue documents testifying to the recognition of Crimea as part of Russia. "Importantly, when certifying the authority of a certain structure and talking about what objects are sold, the Lutsk notary officers indicate the address: Republic of Crimea," Spiridonov said at a news conference.

"It pertains to the representation of the interests of a Ukrainian firm, certified by a Ukrainian notary officer, in the Crimean Committee for State Registration and Cadaster.” It indicates the recognition of both Crimea's body of state power and its territorial integration in the Russian Federation, he added. "What we see now is the full recognition of the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation in terms of title registration on the territory of the Republic of Crimea", Spiridonov stressed.