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Russia Mulls Distributing Confiscated Food to Poor Amid Public Discontent

13.08.2015 15:56

A group of lawmakers from the Communist fraction of Russia's lower house of parliament has introduced a bill aimed at redistributing foodstuffs confiscated under Russia's food embargo to those in need, and as humanitarian aid to conflict zones, the body's press service announced on Thursday.

"Hundreds of tons of foodstuffs are being burned in food crematoriums and destroyed using other methods. Their destruction is an extreme and costly measure. For the purposes of observing the ban on the import of [sanctioned] agricultural production, raw goods and foodstuffs into Russia, their confiscation is sufficient," an explanatory note to the bill noted.

The bill's authors say that instead of being destroyed, these confiscated foodstuffs could instead be distributed among the country's poor, to those facing temporary difficulties, and could also be sent as humanitarian aid to conflict zones, such as eastern Ukraine's war-torn region of Donbass.

The draft legislation proposes that agricultural products falling under Russia's food ban would be subject to seizure, becoming the property of Russia. Aiming to quell worries about shoddy food safety standards, the bill notes that products of sub-standard quality would be subject to destruction and recycling.