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Russia strengthens its position in the Arctic

12.08.2015 14:48

An official representative of "Radio Engineering and Information Systems" announced that it is planned to create a comprehensive system for covering the current situation in the Arctic, which will include civil and military segments by 2025. The project cost is estimated at around six billion rubles.

The system will allow to create a unified database of Russia's Arctic zone to provide information support for the state commission working on Arctic development issues.

Hydrographic work aimed at providing systematic knowledge about Arctic sea depths and underwater bowels is currently underway, and it of course, also includes Russia's military security interests.

The Arctic notification system will recieve the bulk of it's data from such sources as a surface wave radar, underwater monitoring system, satellites, and also Russian made remote-controlled drones "Kyra".

The chief editor of "Military-Industrial Courier" Michael Khodarenok explained some important details of this Arctic deal to the "Russian peacekeeper".

"The concept of "covering the situation" - is a purely military expression, spoken only by sailors. If we speak about providing security of submarine combat duty zones than satellite systems may be involved. If the aim is to provide radar surveilance, ground radar stations will be deployed, the likes of horizon-radar systems (US HAARP analogue). However, if we take underwater environment monitoring, the likes of US Navy has organized, is another special case. It is still not entirely clear what the Russian Defense Ministry meant exactly,"- explained Khodarenok.

Each of these cases involves the creation of radar surveillance systems, which are necessary for air and maritime identification of civil and military objects, concluded the expert.
Creating such a system, according to Khodarenok is equally important for Russia in both military and civilian spheres.

"The economic objectives, as well as the military, may garb the most importance, for example, in terms of providing clear passage of the civil ships through the Northern Sea Route," - said the expert.