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US Hard Line on Russia Drives Moscow Into Chinas Arms

11.08.2015 18:43

In an interview for the RT television network, Prosperity Capital Management founding partner Mattias Westman explained that the West's hardline stance on Russia has had the effect of driving Moscow ever closer to Beijing, with improving relations between the two countries effectively coming to pose a serious threat to Western global hegemony.

The successful fund manager explained that he finds it very difficult to see how Western sanctions, and the threat of even deeper sanctions, "could have any beneficial effect on Russia or on the situation in Ukraine," ostensibly the country over which the crisis in relations between Russia and the West began.

Moreover Westman, whose Prosperity Capital is one of the largest fund managers in Russia, argued that even US President Barack Obama's assertion earlier this year that sanctions have left the Russian economy 'in tatters' is "not entirely correct."