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Kiev Doesn't Give Up Trying To Solve Crisis by Force

11.08.2015 18:23

The deputy commander of the Ministry of Defence of the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) Eduard Basurin said that the armed forces of Ukraine continue to pull heavy weaponry to the line of contact with the DPR. Official Donetsk suggests that the Ukrainian security forces are preparing a large-scale offensive. A military analyst for "Komsomolskaya Pravda", retired colonel Victor Baranez told the "Russian Peacekeeper" about the possibility of resumption of combat.

"Despite the well-defined Minsk Agreement criteria for Ukrainian troops and militia forces withdrawal, I mean the 30-kilometer zone, which is set within the framework of the agreements, the two sides continue to exchange artillery strikes. And most of it is done by Ukrainian military. And the militia usually respond to these provocations, as confirmed by the OSCE observers. This suggests that the Ukrainian side is not controlled by neither Poroshenko, nor the Department of Defense or the General Staff nor local commanders who are directly in the combat zone. First of all such lack of control shows that the Kiev threw aside actually the Minsk agreements and continues to carry out a military operation. This is also confirmed by their last operation, when six Ukrainian tanks and armored personnel carriers were making a strike in the direction of Mariupol and were repulsed by the militia,"- the expert believes.

Baranez also stressed that Kiev's "compliance" with the "Minsk-2" and simultaneous accusation of the militia of violating the truce should be considered as "military-political hypocrisy." "Experts say that the Ukrainian army continues to concentrate power in the area of the military operation, a steady build-up of armored vehicles number in the area is noticeable, there is also an increase in personnel, the intensive use of foreign UAVs. Many signs point to the fact that the Ukrainian army is preparing a new large-scale operation, and this would become a final "funeral" of the Minsk Agreements. It is worth noting that the OSCE observers, and the US State Department have openly declared their concern regarding the risk of hostilities' intensity increase in the military operation in Ukraine. Combat potential increase always signalizes that a large military operation is being prepared, and some Ukrainian commanders have openly declared that it is necessary to storm Donetsk," - said Baranez.

"The use of force has always been, and will remain the trump card in the hands of Poroshenko," concluded Baranez.