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Entrepreneurs Strive to Reform Crimean Tourism Ahead of Government

11.08.2015 16:53

The editor-in-chief of National Geographic Russia's NG Traveler magazine, Aleksandr Zheleznyak, left his job after eight years to help develop Crimea's tourist industry, and told National Geographic about the experience.

As Crimea reforms its tourist sector, it faces an uphill struggle against both 23 years of Ukraine's legacy of chronic underinvestment and corruption, as well as the fact that many officials from the era remain in power. Zheleznyak, as well as other public figures, has been working to reform the system from the outside through both lobbying and private initiatives.

"Large amounts of resources are being invested into Crimea and Sevastopol, but their implementation is often a letdown. Ideas are often weak and very local, if not backward. Say, let's put up a restaurant here or apartments, cool! But that it will overlap with a beach, there is no bathroom, or a parking lot, and behind the walls of one oasis is a dump, no one thinks about this," Zheleznyak told NG.