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"Our Russia" - Popularity of Alternative News Coverage Growing in West

27.07.2015 15:53

The readership of those not taken in by pro-US media propaganda and preferring an alternative approach to news coverage, is growing, said Phil Butler, an American journalist who recently launched the Our Russia project to counter Western propaganda.

The number of those who prefer alternatives to pro-US media is growing, but "this trend is now slowing," Butler told journalists.

Butler said "the current media war is very much like trench warfare in WWI. Both sides are dug in, the battle rages back and forth, but nobody gains ground."

In current information warfare, according to the journalist, the way to convince Westerners is to systematically present facts and evidence running counter to what mainstream media says. This, he stated, is the primary objective of Our Russia.

Butler cited eastern Ukraine coverage as an example of pro-Western propaganda. "The situation in Donbas and in Ukraine has not been reported at all by Western mainstream media. The war propaganda the West is being 'broadcast,' I am sure anyone who looks objectively can see this clearly. There is NO news from BBC or Reuters from the Donbas," he said.

Asked about whether he is criticized for his political views, Butler said it occurs constantly, adding that anyone who stands up to the "status quo" will be vilified. However, the journalist called this experience enriching.