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West Starts Recognizing Crimea as Russian Territory

24.07.2015 19:26

The delegation of 10 French politicians, led by the deputy of the National Assembly from the "Republican" party and co-chairman of the "Franco-Russian dialogue" Association, Thierry Mariani, arrived in the Crimea on July 23.

During their visit to the peninsula French parliamentarians met with regional authorities and spoke to local residents. They promised Crimeans to solve their visa problems and to disseminate accurate information about the current situation on the peninsula in Europe. It is worth noting that this visit of French senators to Crimea was condemned by the French Foreign Ministry.

The head of the Duma Committee for International Affairs Alexei Pushkov believes that the visit of the French delegation to the peninsula is a significant political step. "It shows that Europe is not full of sanction's supporters, and there are also significant political forces that seriously want to deal with the problem, check the moods on the peninsula with their own eyes, and find out what's really happening. Forces that don not consider it possible to rely solely on the Western media, which as a rule, seriously distort the picture, and who believe that Europe's future lies not in fruitless attempts to isolate Russia, but in establishing a diverse and constructive dialogue," - he said.

Political scientist and expert on the Middle East and the Caucasus, Stanislav Tarasov told "Russian peacekeeper" about the significance French parliamentarians visit to Crimea. "Of course, this is a positive move by the West, which categorically rejects the Crimea as a de facto territory of Russia. Now the situation begins to change . European politicians look into the near future and realize that there is a need to start a dialogue with Moscow, as the procedure for changing the status of Crimea was held acoording to international law. The slow process of "warming" of relations between Russia and the West is beginning. European politicians are well aware that their policy toward Kremlin cannot be based on confrontation, because without Russia, they are unable to solve a number of major international issues. Therefore, we can say that the West sees Crimea as a part of Russian territory, "- says Tarasov.

"The main thing about the visit of the French delegation to Crimea - is that they have spat on all these prohibitions and came to the peninsula. They want to see what is happening in Crimea with their own eyes, and tell the rest of the world what they saw. I suppose,this is the first sign showing that Europe recognizes Crimea as Russian territory and will soon resume its dialogue with the Kremlin," - concluded the expert.