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Scared Scandinavians: Finland to Militarize Entire Border With Russia

21.07.2015 18:13

The Finnish Armed Forces plan to deploy rapid reaction force units to secure the entire border with Russia. Finland plans to start drafting more soldiers and increase its military budget to provide proper training for its rapid reaction force.

According to Finnish Defense Minister Jussi Niinisto, soldiers will be deployed in four military districts to "protect Finland from a possible invasion from Russia." Finland also expects to use its reservists in addition to the rapid reaction force and regular army. "We need a new law that would allow the Armed Forces to draft reservists more effectively," said Ilkka Kanerva, the former Finnish minister of Foreign Affairs.

Hysteria about imaginary Russian aggression continues to spread across Scandinavia. Last month Foreign Affairs magazine reported that the government in Helsinki was worried about Russian citizens buying up property in Finland. The government in Helsinki thought these wealthy Russians were somehow connected with the "devious" Kremlin officials who plan to snatch up the Finnish land to establish spying spots in Scandinavia.