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General Gorkov: Russia could shed light on MH17 crash

10.07.2015 22:08


A year has already passed after the "Malaysian airlines" MH17 crash. However, the investigation of the tragedy hasn't brought any results yet. The states, who directly participate in this investigation, haven't worked out an accurate report on causes of the crash despite of the fact that they have all necessary infrastructure, specialized research organizations and experts. Moreover, according to Federal Air Transport Agency of Russia that participates in the investigation process, the draft of the report on the air crash just received by Moscow caused more questions than answers.

According to Alexander Gorkov, the retired lieutenant general, former commander of antiaircraft missile troops of the Russian Air Force, with modern means of analysis of the debris, weapons and other elements it is possible to carry out even the express analysis within a week, and an investigation can be carried out within a month after the crash. For this purpose a specialized data base already exists: it contains information on striking elements, plane fragments, remains of people and flight recorders. Gorkov considers some force to exist that interferes in process of the investigation and publication of its results. At the same time he believes the results of the investigation conducted by the Russian Armed Forces General Staff can be considered the most objective and reasoned. At the same time it should be noticed that Russian side has reconnaissance data and information from other sources, which in sum form a basis for the reasons of the plane crash. He is firmly convinced that the Ukrainian side tried to avoid open and reasoned statements. Therefore the investigation documents transfer to the Netherlands didn't bring sensible results. The expert raises another question: why hadn't the airspace over the "anti-terrorist operation" zone been closed for all the aircraft except those who carried out special missions there?

Besides, there is no clarity in the use of forces and means. It is obvious that Kiev and NATO member states have information on this accident.

According to Alexander Gorkov, in July, 2014 the Ukrainian sky saw activities as follows. For most experts who are capable to analyze such incidents, it is clear that MH17 was attacked by the fighter aircraft. The "air-to-air" missile and anti-aircraft missile system (probably "Buk") were used. The fact that Boeing simply fell to pieces show that the rocket had a large yield. The expert considers the aircraft was destroyed by the Ukrainian means. He disproves the version that "Buk" system used by the Donbass militiamen. Otherwise, in his opinion, both Kiev and NATO would have already afforded proofs long ago.

Alexander Gorkov believes the MH17 crash investigation is specially dragged out. German expert Peter Haisenko coincides in these assessments. Gorkov reminds that after Tu-154 crash in Crimea a bilateral commission had been created which with the help of specialized research institutes carried out an investigation within a month and reported its results to presidents of Russia and Ukraine. At that time tentative conclusions were made after the first week of an investigation.

The expert considers it necessary to get results of the investigation. He stresses that in this case Russia reserves the right to give additional serious information opening the MH17 crash causes.