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Bulgarian PM Hopes Anti-Russian Sanctions Lifted End of Year

15.05.2015 16:20

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov says that he hopes to maintain political and economic relations with Moscow at a high level, adding that he would like to see anti-Russian sanctions lifted before the end of the year.

Speaking at parliamentary hearings in Sofia on Friday, Borisov explained that as a member of the Euro-Atlantic community, Bulgaria cannot take a fully independent position on the prolonging of anti-Russian sanctions: "Sanctions are really an extreme measure. We supported sanctions as a member of the Euro-Atlantic community, but at the same time have pointed to heavy losses borne by our tourism, light industry and agricultural sectors due to these sanctions," the prime minister noted.

Borisov noted that sanctions and countersanctions are part of a geopolitical crisis surrounding Ukraine, and voiced his hopes that this crisis will be resolved in the near future. "Many countries are now trying to normalize their relations, but everything depends on the speed of the resolution of the Ukrainian crisis. I sincerely hope that the crisis will be resolved during 2015, and that the need for sanctions and countermeasures will disappear, accordingly."