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Flight MH17 tragedy: Kiev and Washington bear full responsibility

14.05.2015 16:18

Stephen Lendman

Since downing of MH17 coverup and false accusations followed. Russia, of course, had nothing to do with it - nor Donbass freedom fighters.

One of the many Big Lies is still proliferating about war in Ukraine - planned and orchestrated in Washington using Kiev stooges as convenient US proxies waging dirty war without mercy on Donbass. It continues low-level ahead of reviving up full-sale at Obama's discretion.

A ground-to-air missile didn't down MH17. No credible evidence suggests it. Shrapnel marks indicated a 30-millimeter caliber projectile fired at close range from a military aircraft. Eyewitnesses reported seeing a Ukrainian one flying close to MH17 when downed.

Kiev and Washington bear full responsibility. They benefitted from what happened. Don't expect the final report to explain what matters most.