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Russia under developing US information attack

06.05.2015 19:06

The US information attack on Russia is developing rapidly. Even during the "Cold War" so many falsifications and lies against Russia didn't appear. An offensive of unprecedented scale is being carried out in all areas with the involvement of all forces and means, as well as through the creation and deployment of new information war units, also on as parts of EU and NATO forces.

The main goal of the US and its closest allies is in drawing Russia into unnecessary conflicts with neighboring countries, forcing the population to distrust the state government, and ultimately to the organization of a so-called "color revolution" with the replacement of the current leadership by pro-Western politicians (as it was done in Ukraine).

Leading American and Western media are once again transmitting a negative image of Russia, an policy initiated in the 80's by President Reagan. Only now - it's "Putin's Russia, tyrannical and aggressive, ready to attack the neighboring peaceful democratic countries." At the same time, the Obama administration does not hide the fact that one of the main tasks of such propaganda is the maximum political and economic isolation of Russia.

Saying that this hostile anti-Russian propaganda is a temporary event, as some homegrown "democrats" try, is not true. Washington adopted the decision of conducting informational warfare against Russia on state level.

Resolution 758 recently adopted by the US Congress directly accuses Russia of the situation in Ukraine and the territorial dismemberment of Georgia and Moldova. Moscow supposedly threatens its neighbors, the EU and the world itself. US lawmakers do not hide that their main strike is aimed at Vladimir Putin. They believe - the whole thing lies in the Russian media. "We urge the president and the US State Department to develop a strategy for the multilateral coordination of production, acquisition and dissemination of information in Russian language in mainly Russian-speaking countries," - states the resolution.

In this regard, the radio stations like "Voice of America", "Free Europe" and "Freedom" were legally prescribed to begin 24/7 broadcasts in Russian, Ukrainian and Tatar languages, covering audience in Ukraine, Crimea and Moldova.

However, the Americans do not intend to limit their subversive propaganda activities with these measures. At the initiative of the American Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), which is subordinate to the State Department structure, based on the Czech Radio Free Europe (Radio "Liberty") a new digital media department will be created in October 2015. It will become some kind of a Cybernetic Staff that will plan and implement the strategy and tactics of information warfare against Russia.

The department will focus on conducting anti-Russian propaganda, especially via popular Russian social networks like "Classmates", "VKontakte", and in the Russian segment of Facebook and Twitter networks. The new department's prescription is said to be the spreading of "correct information and countering misinformation in the Russian media sphere" in those countries which, according to the United States, lack independent media.

The US are ready to spend 15.6 million dollars to create this structure whereas the fight against "Islamic State" ideology will take only 6.1 million dollars.

The main weapon in this information struggle with Russia should be the original TV-shows, political satire, as well as current and topical issues. For example, one video project is called "Footage vs. Footage". It is expected that this program will expose "Russian TV-propaganda."

BBG plans to enhance cooperation with such Russian opposition agencies like RBC (RosBusinessConsulting), "Rain", "" Older US propaganda sources like radio "Freedom", "Free Europe" and "Voice of America" will be used more actively.

The US State Department is dead serious about the possibility of expanding the scope of information warfare against Russia with the help of the film industry, in particular by bringing the war to Hollywood. This information became known after the publication of stolen Sony Pictures' archives by WikiLeaks. They imply that the US agency, citing difficulties in confronting "many challenges" alone suggests discussing the possibility of a collective impact on the information field in alliance with leading figures in Hollywood.

In addition to using their own capabilities, the United States actively engage their NATO partners and other allies in an information war against Russia. US actively seek opportunities to create and expand information bridgeheads in the neighboring countries of Russia.

Ukraine becomes an important element of information attack on Russia. Currently, the country entered an information blockade and launched an unprecedented anti-Russian propaganda campaign (with the help of the US instructors). All Ukrainian media and journalists' activities are under the control of the most severe security forces, supervised by employees of the Central Intelligence Agency and the US psychological warfare Staff.

Russia has taken, and will take measures to counteract this. The updated "Military Doctrine of the Russian Federation," noted that the information wars are one of the main threats to the security of our state.

An important measure in ensuring it was the adoption of the law on the limitation of the maximum possible share of foreign shareholders in the capital of the Russian media to 20 percent. Since the information aggression of the West will only grow, the "fifth column" won't give up even if the foreign capital in the domestic media goes under total ban, the Russian leadership has to take other protective measures.