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Russian Reporter Injured While Covering Truce in Ukraine

15.04.2015 11:52

Russian military journalist Andrei Lunyov received serious shrapnel wounds to the legs and head after hitting a trip-wired explosive in the town of Shirokino, near the port of Mariupol. He lost a lot of blood, and was aided by the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) medics. 

The OSCE was monitoring a ceasefire, several journalists were covering the story. Lunyov's companions said he had walked behind a local shop searching for a bathroom. According to reports from the BBC's Tom Burridge, who was at the scene, Lunyov must have tripped a hidden explosive device. "We were told it was calm here. But it just shows you how quickly things can change," reported Burridge, saying that the explosion was immediately followed by gunfire and possibly grenade launcher fire. According to initial reports, Lunyov was taken to Novoazovsk hospital in serious condition.

According to Ukrainian military spokesman Andriy Lysenko, six soldiers were killed and 12 injured in fightins in last 24 hours. OSCE said six reporters have been killed in eastern Ukraine since November 2013, at least 170 have been injured.