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Russia Ready to Sell S-300 to Iran in Context of Fallen Sanctions

03.04.2015 14:15

Iran agreed to accept significant restrictions on its nuclear facilities for at least a decade and submit to international inspections at P5+1 negotiations. In return, economic sanctions unilaterally imposed on the Islamic Republic by the US and EU are to be lifted.

Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said UN arms embargo against Iran should also go. Igor Korotchenko, who heads the Global Arms Trade Analysis Center think tank in Moscow supported this idea saying: "Lifting sanctions on Iran, including the arms embargo, would be an absolutely logical thing to do. Of key importance to us is the delivery of the upgraded S-300 missiles to Iran… A contract to this effect could be resumed on terms acceptable to both Moscow and Tehran."

Russia contracted to sell to Iran $800 million worth of S-300 missile system units in 2007. Moscow suspended the contract because of UN Security Council resolution to stop the sale of arms to Iran due to its controversial nuclear energy program in 2010. Iran then sued Russia's Rosoboronexport at the OSCE Court of Conciliation and Arbitration in Geneva. Moscow offered Tehran a settlement and a promise to deliver the Antei-2500 missile systems at a later date. Tehran refused, insisting on the implementation of the original deal.