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US-Led Coalition Conducts Seven Airstrikes Against Islamic State

03.04.2015 13:07

The US and Coalition military forces continued their Inherent Resolve Operation against the Islamic State by launching seven airstrikes in Syria and Iraq, the US Department of Defense said in a statement.

"Fighter and bomber aircraft conducted three airstrikes in Syria. Attack and fighter aircraft conducted four airstrikes in Iraq," the Defense Department said on Thursday.

According to the Defense Department, airstrikes in Syria destroyed two Islamic State tactical units and three fighting positions near Kobani. In Iraq, airstrikes decimated an IS tactical unit, a vehicle and an IS-held building near Beiji; a mortar tube near Fallujah; an IS-held building near Sinjar; and a large tactical unit and a vehicle near Ramadi.

The US-led coalition started carrying out airstrikes against IS targets in Iraq in August 2014, and expanded the air campaign to Syria in September 2014 without Syrian government approval.