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Free Economic Zone in Crimea Attracts Investment

24.03.2015 12:55

Permanent representative of the Crimean Republic to the president of Russia Georgy Muradov said Crimean free economic zone, which is expected to be launched in March, will attract new investment in the region, businesses will be secure and profitable.

"Our president adopted the law, according to which Crimea will be a free economic zone. It gives an impulse to the business community to invest more and more resources into the development of Crimean Peninsula, and it will be very profitable business," Muradov said. He added that Turkish, Israeli, Chinese, and even western European companies have already invested in the region's development despite the EU sanctions: "We have many investors – especially from Turkey, from China, from Israel, from even West European countries – which are coming to us, independently from the sanctions. They invest through other companies and have big profits working in Crimea."

"There will be a big exhibition in Saudi Arabia in March. We shall take part in it. It will be a so-called 'road show'… We also plan contacts with different business structures and corporations of China," Muradov added.