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Crimean Parliament Vice-Speaker: Stop Politicizing Crimean Tatars Issue

20.03.2015 14:01

Vice-Speaker of the Crimean parliament and head of the Crimean Tatar People movement Remzi Ilyasov has cautioned against politicizing the Crimean Tatars issue. He said outside attempts to drive a wedge between ethnic groups within Crimean peninsula are doomed to failure.

"At last, hope sprang with the Crimean Tatar People in Russia that their opinion will be reckoned with. Actions taken by republican and federal authorities since Crimea's reunification with Russia offer hope that the Crimean Tatar problem will be resolved within a short period of time", Ilyasov said, adding that only under Russian rule for the first time in many years the Crimean Tatars have obtained the real possibility of a complex restoration of their rights, including in political, cultural, socio-economic, humanitarian and other spheres.

He also stressed that no one is allowed to speculate on the Crimean Tatar problem without asking their opinion about the situation on the peninsula. The Crimean Tatars are a Turkic ethnic group that settled in the Crimean Peninsula in the 13th-17th centuries. Today about 277,000 Crimean Tatars live on the peninsula, being Crimea's third-largest ethnic group after Russians and Ukrainians.