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Libya's 'Islamist' Parliament Blasts Egypt's Anti-ISIS Airstrikes

16.02.2015 16:50

The spokesman of Libya's unrecognized parliament blasted Egypt's airstrikes on Monday, while the head of the recognized government called for more strikes against ISIS and al-Qaeda targets. Libya's unrecognized Tripoli-based parliament blasted Egypt's airstrike against Islamic State targets on Monday, in which Libya's air force, allied to the recognized government, also participated.

"We strongly condemn the Egyptian aggression this morning on Derna and which we consider to be an assault against Libyan sovereignty," Omar Homaydan, the spokesman of the parliament announced. Meanwhile, Libya's internationally recognized prime minister, Abdullah al-Thani called for airstrikes against ISIS and al-Qaeda targets in the country. "I ask world powers stand by Libya and launch military strikes against these groups. This threat will move to European countries, especially Italy," he said.

Libya is in a state of civil conflict, and has two rival parliaments and governments after Islamist-allied militias took over the capital, Tripoli. In August 2014, the militias revived the country's transitional parliament, which was in power prior to the June 2014 elections.