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Sweden Accepts Russia's Demand Not to Land Fighters in Estonia During Exercise

16.02.2015 15:57

Sweden has said that it will not land fighter jets in Estonia during the upcoming war games in the Baltic region, in line with Russia's demand. The Swedish Foreign Ministry memorandum says that "no Swedish planes would land in Estonian territory and the same applied to Finland".

The memorandum then referred to a meeting between Russian Ambassador to Sweden Viktor Tatarintsev and Sweden's State Secretary for Foreign Affairs Annika S?der, saying that "Tatarintsev appeared to find the remarks satisfying". The war games in the Baltic region, which were earlier initiated by the United States, will take place between March and April 2015. Russia has expressed concern over the involvement of Sweden and Finland in the drills, which were allegedly discussed by Swedish and Finnish foreign affairs ministers Margot Wallstr?m and Erkki Toumioja. The two have, however, denied the information, saying that all the questions related to the drills should be directed to the country's defense departments.

In October 2014, Sweden beefed up its military presence in the Stockholm archipelago to search for "foreign underwater activity", in an unprecedented move unseen since the Cold War. The Russian Defense Ministry said, in turn, that there were no emergency situations in the Baltic involving its vessels.