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The British Mercenary in Ukraine: just business

29.01.2015 17:58

The Western countries and media go on making hostile statements towards Russia for its policy in Ukraine. The NATO states provide Kiev with military and financial support but prefer to make consequent statements of not interfering militarily in the civil war in Ukraine. Though the US military advisers, special forces operations and CIA units are coordinating in fact Kiev's military activity in the country. Nevertheless there are additional reports of its military interference there.

Some European bloggers reported that they identified a mercenary that was filmed with other American mercenary in Donbass. The man was appeared to be UK citizen Chistopher Lee Garret, 30 y.o., who lives in the Isle of Man. According to the data from social networks, he is fighting against rebels and civil population of Eastern Ukraine in the battalion "Azov" scandalous for its war crimes.

The presence of Western mercenaries in Ukraine just adds fuel to the fire of the conflict. As the rebels in Eastern Ukraine are fighting there for their ideals and democracy principles, US and UK mercenaries, on the contrary, are trying to earn money. Just business…