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European Parliament Deputy Pledges Kiev To Acknowledge Elections In DPR And LPR

02.11.2014 14:02

A Deputy of European Parliament Jean-Luc Schaffhauser called 'normal' the intention of People's Republics od Donetsk and Luhansk to gain acknowledgement via elections.

"The present government of Kiev, which, I recall, came to power as a result of the coup, tried to make it recognized as legitimate, by means of elections. It seems normal that the current leaders of the Donetsk And Luhansk oblast also want to ensure that their authority is recognized as legitimate. It's the same process. Why some people recognize, and the other is not? It is always necessary to avoid a policy of double standards ", - noticed Schaffhauser.

He also stated support for the federalization of Ukraine and the provision of Donetsk And Lugansk regions with a considerable autonomy.

"I support the federalization. I don't think that is to build a new state. I sincerely declare: requires real federalization with considerable autonomy. But I also understand those who bombed the Kievan forces. They seek a new country. And I understand that. But I don't think It will be a reasonable solution. I guess it is better to build on the basis of Ukraine, which will remain unified, real federalization with the legitimate, elected by the democratic method of government. And I think in the interest of Europe to recognize the power that will be elected in the Donbass, unless it is motivated by a desire to separate, " he finished.