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MH 17: Politicians, Journalists and Intelligence Cynicism

24.10.2014 19:57

The crash of the Malaysian Airlines Boeing in July 2014 has become the subject of intense discussion in the world media lately. Lack of substantial evidence for various versions stands out against the background of familiar propaganda materials by a number of leading western media.

8 October the head of Germany's Federal Intelligence Service (BND) Gerhard Schindler presented a report on the causes of the crash in the Ukrainian air to the local parliament. According to Der Spiegel, the report says the blame for what happened lies with the "pro-Russian militia" who captured an air defense missile system "Buk" from a Ukrainian military unit and launched a missile that exploded "in the vicinity of the plane." BND official also said data of both Russian and Ukrainian parties, presented after the catastrophe, was manipulated, citing data from satellites and photos. But where is all that? Clearly, there's sensitivity. Intelligence is a serious business. However they could publish a limited amount of data. If not, then German leadership has this information. But it is somehow silent, and the last publications of the German press about the Boeing crash have anti-Russian character.

Back in September the magazine "Bild" released a material not based on verified facts and objective data but citing German intelligence service and indicating that some systems of Russian make were working in the area of the crash. However, subsequent queries of the German Left Party on the disclosure of the details were not successful, under the pretext of non-disclosure of classified information. As a result, they decided to calm both Bundestag and probably whole Germany, which lost four of its citizens. So the publication in "Der Spiegel" appeared declaring Russian militia guilty.

However, both Western and Russian experts understand that serious conclusions need proof that you can get only by a professional study of the wreckage, the nature of damage and damaging elements. Do not forget about the various objective data - from Ukrainian dispatch lines, engineering control used by various countries (Russia, USA, Ukraine), information of Boeing Corporation, as well as information on the control of air defenses of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. Everything else is pointless talks and deceitful manipulation of someone else's misfortune.

It was clear to the specialists since the beginning of the investigation. More than three months have passed, and the process of finding causes of the accident has been moving very slowly. This is extremely strange considering the high professional level of the experts in the states, whose citizens were killed in the tragedy - USA, Netherlands, Germany. But there are no lucid actions to promptly obtain particular result. So the question is who benefits from evading the problem? Obviously, we are talking about a group of people who directly committed the cynical crime and are secreting it now. The intelligence and journalists of some countries serving their politicians are playing their own game. There are only relatives of the victims of the crash trying to find the truth, but someone is very afraid of it...