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Referendum in Scotland: the national pride is at stake

16.09.2014 18:01

The people who live in Scotland are to decide September, 18 on their future. The Scottish nation sovereignty is at stake.

Financial Times reported February 2, 2014, referring to citation of UK Prime Minister David Cameron in a 2007 Daily Telegraph article: "It would be wrong to suggest that Scotland could not be another such successful, independent country."

The Scots themselves suppose that taking into account its resources, as an independent country Scotland would be among the twenty wealthiest countries on earth, which is confirmed by the analysts of Financial Times.

Scotland has a well-developed biomedical sector, big defence, aerospace and marine branches. The food industry has some strong brands which would be reinforced.

The Scottish young families are likely to see an increase in childcare provision with all 3- 4-year-olds entitled to 1,140 free hours per year.

Younger people can benefit from wealth and control over tax system aimed at attracting more employers to invest in Scotland, creating more and better local jobs. That means more opportunities, closer to home, keeping their families together.

People with disabilities could overcome challenges of Work Capability Assessments.

To develop rural communities Royal Mail could be brought back into public ownership, and ensure fair delivery charges.

Households could tackle energy bills, and ensure that taxes always keep up with rising living costs.

Moreover, apart from pure economic issues there would be options to maintain the Scottish own foreign policy, integrate into preferable political and business world and regional alliances.

Peculiar ethnic, cultural, mindset and religious properties of the Scottish people and the general human potential of Scotland would greatly contribute to successful wealthy self-reliant Scotland.

It's rather important to stress the moral social differences between UK and Scotland. There is a very strong LGBT-lobby in Great Britain which is trying to adopt laws envisaging self-sex marriage and paedophilia, not to mention numerous homosexual debauches. Certainly most Scots relying on The Kirk and Catholic Church of Scotland are against this.

The referendum is to reveal the real Scottish nation's capability of making the vital decisions. Alex Salmond, the first minister of Scotland said that Mr. Putin had "restored a substantial part of Russian pride and that must be a good thing." So, it's high time for the Scottish people to restore the national pride.