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Russian Prosecutors Working Out Counter-Nazi Law

25.08.2014 11:09

Russian prosecutors are defining what to consider Nazism and who falls under the category of "Nazi criminals" as part of the presidential bill on the punishment for the revival of the Nazi ideology, Izvestia newspaper wrote Monday.

"First of all, the definition of 'Nazism,' a 'Nazi Hero' and those falling under the category will be presented. Only after these proposals are in place, we will be able to speak about the measures of punishment for and prevention of the revival of the Nazi ideology," the paper wrote citing a source at Russia's Prosecutor General's Office.

The prosecutors are working on the issue together with Russian security agencies.

Russia's President Vladimir Putin signed a bill on May 5 introducing a five-year prison term for the rehabilitation of Nazism, for denying facts established by the Nuremberg trials and dissemination of false information about the Soviet Union?s activities during World War II.

The bill also stipulates a fine of up to 300,000 rubles ($8,400) or up to a year of community service for desecrating symbols of Russian military glory.