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"Kosovo scenario" for Ukrainian tragedy

13.08.2014 12:09

War, broken lives and ruined infrastructure in southeast Ukraine are just the same as the scenario given to us by the same "producers" in Kosovo.

S.Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister, said on Monday that "the goal of the so-called "anti-terrorist operation" lies in leveling the south-east to the ground, so that all Russians would leave, and it could be later populated with those who have a different look on history, culture, friendship and centuries-old relationship of our people."

NATO and the terrorists from Kosovo's Freedom force acted exactly the same way in Serbia in the 90-s and even until the pronunciation of the region's independence in 2008, when Serbs and other nations were simply wiped out daily, their houses, cultural, historic and religious monuments were destroyed, their possessions taken, with no reaction from NATO.

That was how the "unwanted" people were simply squeezed out. On the one hand it could be explained by ethnic and territorial disputes that existed in the region, on the other ? it was a conscious intent to create potential tinder-box, in a state of a controlled conflict. As a result, one of the largest American military bases, Camp Bondsteel, was created.

Nowadays few people speak about the problems of the self-proclaimed country of Kosovo. However there are many of them: drug trafficking, weapons and vehicle smuggling, prostitution, illegal human organs trade. A foreign diplomat once wrote in his notebook: "EU made a big mistake by allowing the creation of a Muslim state in the center of Europe." But that man purposely omitted saying that the directors of this crisis were the USA.

The situation is repeating itself in Ukraine and around it. Armed conflict in Europe, refugees, migration, including to some well-off countries of the EU, ecological catastrophe threat (a high possibility exists that Ukrainian forces are to shell the largest chemical plant of "Styrene Concern"). As a result, southeast Ukraine native population ends up in intolerable conditions and under the threat of an upcoming humanitarian catastrophe. People are simply forced to flee their homes.

Meanwhile, US and EU representatives say that they're ready to provide financial aid to help reconstruct Donetsk and Lugansk regions, but only after to so-called "anti-terrorist operation" is over, meaning, only after the native pro-russian population is destroyed.

In that way we see that geopolitical scenarios are being re-written just a little and only in a matter that is concerning their style. The thing is that current situation can lead Europe to tragic circumstances. Cause even today there are disputes inside Europe on how to handle the Ukrainian crisis and how to continue relationship with Moscow. Not to mention the topic of Moscow's painful answer to European sanctions, that took the front pages of almost every newspaper and can possibly cause serious social-economic commotion.