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Ukrainian Cabinet of ministers, Parliament – everything goes to hell

31.07.2014 23:16

Fyodor Kapralov

Arseny Yatsenuk is known to make 07/24/2014 a stunning statement on his resignation. Officially, the head of the Ukrainian government was painfully knocked off his balance by a number of parliamentarians' decision to leave a coalition, without which it is hard to accept laws profitable for the government. So, he made up his mind to resign immediately, not a month after the government breakdown. Genuine motives of Mr. Yatsenuk's act are still obscure and discussed in lobby interviews. But, it's clear that a political crisis as part of the Ukrainian crisis becomes more and more spiraling.

Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko addressed Verkhovna Rada to consider Arseny Yatsenuk's resignation. The prime minister himself said that his fate would be determined on 07/31/2014, after the parliament vote on "unpopular law bills." And Groisman or someone else would have been appointed to the post of acting Ukrainian prime minister till elections. But we see that Rada passed the laws, but didn't consider prime minister's resignation. Mr. Yatsenuk and his team continue in office. The question is: for how long?

Situation in Ukrainian government is not very optimistic. Many MPs talk much about the oncoming Rada dissolution and early parliamentary elections. Drafts on this issue have already been worked out in a number of relevant committees early this month. The case is that in accordance with current legislation Mr. Poroshenko needs to have MPs unable to form a coalition during 30 days. It is to be recalled that July 24 the "Svoboda"("Liberty") and "Udar"("Strike") party leaders announced their parties' pull out of the coalition. Nine MPs from "Batkivshchyna" and a few non-factional people's representatives supported and followed them. In other words, things got going. On August 24-25, we are supposed to see an announcement on the Rada dissolution and date of early elections. They are likely to be set to late October 2014. With account of the poll, returns and formalities - in early December Ukraine is expected to have a new parliament and prime minister.

Optimists can consider that this situation will do well for "united and independent" Ukraine, that there will be an opportunity to elect "insider" representatives to the Rada and to drive out "inefficient" politicians. But, the same people will be in power in Kiev. And there are few reasons for it.

First and foremost it is necessary to mention that today Ukraine doesn't have any system meeting the definition of pluralism of ideas advocated by the USA and Europe. From the very beginning the Maidan Nezalezhnosti pushed solely nationalistic and fascistic ideas of development of the state. All other ideas and opinions suffered persecution, criticism and political ostracism. It is obvious because of actions towards once governing party "Party of Regions". As a result, of the pressure "the regionals" now compliantly take part in all passages of any Bandera junta bills. Dissidence left the party or even left the country.

The oppositional Communist Party of Ukraine had similar situation. The communists didn't want to bear with the lawlessness, actively opposed many of the Kiev top decisions and were against war with the Ukrainian people in the South-East of the country. As a result, Mr. Turchinov asked the Department of Justice to initiate a criminal case against the party. Later, July 22, Mr. Poroshenko signs the enterprise of the Rada MPs to dissolute the Communist Party. Simply said, they chucked out the communists, disliked by Kiev. According to their leader, Mr. Simonenko, 13% of electors voted "aye" the communists during last elections.

There is no sense in speaking about less numerous Ukrainian parties, which are not in Rada but express their own opinion, different from one imposed by the West. 90% of them are reckon among "terroristic", "pro-Russian" etc. Moreover, they are hardly able to enter the Ukrainian parliament, as it is still necessary to have a large amount of votes, and no one is going to lower this requirement.

Parties "at the helm" don't propose any sensible programs on the Ukrainian statehood rebirth. They all are engaged in populism using political stamps, promote themselves and Bandera's nationalistic ideas, compete in criticizing Russia and fawned upon their general sponsors - USA.

As a result, if the votes take place, only for nationalistic parties would take part, because all others are pushed aside from the "feeding through". It's another junta's farce, which would be organized on a large scale at the expense of taxpayers, who have already felt all the "trappings" of the association with EU.