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MH17 crash investigation came to its deadlock

01.08.2014 14:42

An interview with Alexander Y. Gorkov, retired lieutenant general, former commander-in-chief of Russian Air defense (2000-2008), candidate of military sciences.

- Alexander Yurievich, there's a lot of information considering the MH17 crash in Russian and foreign mass-media, social and political environment and also lots of high-level discussions on the subject. The main question remains, however, the cause of the crash? Who's responsible?

- The longer this investigation continues, the more questions shall arise from all the interested parties. The expert evaluation results may appear diametrically opposite. The faster the international investigation team starts all of its necessary activity, the more clear shall the cause of the crash appear. There are multiple versions. It may have been a terrorist act?

- So you don't exclude the possibility that this may have been an act of terrorism.

- The special committee must consider every possible version. It could have been either ground based or aviation means of destruction. One must carefully consider the aim of someone who could have done it: military, political, or military and political. There are a lot of questions. Two weeks have passed. But there's still no answer. The traffic control data and the examining of the plane wreckage are essential. As an example - Crimean catastrophe in 2001. During a military exercise Ukrainian air defense fired a C-200 rocket that downed a Russian TU154. In two days' time, a committee was formed that started the investigation right away. But still the Ukrainian side denied us access to traffic control data that time. However, the committee managed to find out who in the military was to blame. Special research facilities and engineering departments were also working on the case. Speaking of the current Boeing crash situation, the process is taking way longer than it should. That's why it would be very hard to find out the true cause.

- But Kiev promised to provide necessary conditions for the experts to work and stop military activity in the crash site area. However, Ukrainian army is quite active in the area.

- The same was going on in 2001. The investigation was being dragged out, and the perpetrators were being hidden away. The Ukrainian side still has not convinced of being guilty of that long-ago catastrophe.

- The Ukrainian authorities demand the "cleansing" of the crash site from militia. It seems as if Kiev is trying to use this situation for its own purposes.

- Exactly! It all goes away from the technical to political discussion. Both the investigation results will be shadowed and the perpetrators will avoid taking on responsibility.

- In your opinion, what's the most realistic scenario for this crash?

- A terroristic act is pretty unrealistic for sure as the security on international flights has been tightened very hard. I presume that MH17 was downed, but by what means, we'll know only after the investigation is done and the traffic controller data and black boxes data has been deciphered.

- The Ukrainian side has the traffic controller data, but refuses to publish it.

- Kiev, just the same as in 2001 case, will try to distance itself from investigating the crash. Cause yet another question rises right away - why were there Ukrainian air defense divisions grouping in the area? What were their tasks? There are more questions to be answered, so we have to wait for the investigation results.