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Who to blame for MH17 crash?

31.07.2014 12:17

The theme of MH17 crash has become an object of active discussion and controversy on the international political arena, mass media and community recently. So now it's obvious that no one can deal without a specialists' opinion on the case.

To figure it all out "Russian Peacekeeper" contacted a military expert, retired lieutenant general Alexander G. Luzan, former deputy chief of Soviet Army Air Defense, technical sciences doctor, Russian state awards awardee.

In his opinion, the most important thing to do is to let the experts study the remains of the aircraft at the crash site. However, the data appearing in the mass media is far from enough to make any serious conclusions.

To the general's expertize there are two possible versions of the plane crash.

First of them is connected with the Ukrainian SU-25 fighter jet following the same route as the MH17. "However, 10,000 meters for a SU-25 is its "service ceiling" which means such jets are only able to fly at such altitude only for a short period of time. It followed the Boeing holding a distance of 4-6 km. Which is way too far for an onboard cannon. More likely, an R-60 heat-seeking rocket was used. It was supposed to hit one of the engines. But something went wrong and the plane itself fell apart. That's why this version is most unlikely," Luzan told us.

The second version speaks of the possibility of MH17 being taken down by a Ukrainian "Buk-M1" missile system that was stationed within reach of the crash site area.

"Ukrainian specialists used such systems in all-out war conditions fighting for the Georgian side during the August '08 conflict. It is well known. This one case may be one of deliberate launch or just a simple negligence. The Ukrainian Air Defense was holding exercises at the time. The SU-25 was probably imitating an air target. And the ground based targeting systems may have mistaken the Boeing for the jet fighter locking on a bigger objective as a result. However, "Buk-M1" is equipped by a target recognition system. A well trained launcher system crew should have seen not a tactical, but a strategic target Boeing-777. But they probably missed that fact due to lack of experience. Besides that, "Buk-M1" may act autonomously using Ukrainian Army targeting capabilities or the data from Dnepropetrovsk' traffic controllers, who are being paid by local governor Igor Kolomoyskiy," said the expert.

General Luzan also stressed the fact that Russia hasn't been using "Buk-M1" charged with 9M38 rockets for over 10 years. Russian Federation uses a more modern system called "Buk-M1-2" charged with 9M317 rockets now. Due to that fact he concluded that the ones responsible for the Malaysian MH17 crash are either the Ukrainian Air Force or the National Guard sponsored by governor Igor Kolomoysky, and their target was to internationalize the conflict and create a reason for NATO troops deployment in Ukraine.

However, according to the military expert, it would be very hard to prove, as Kiev had already intensified its military activity in the south-eastern regions of Ukraine not allowing the experts to proceed with the investigation. Is it malice or just a coincidence? The answer remains veiled in the fog of war.