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Ukrainian nationalists create a nuclear threat to Europe

29.07.2014 17:57

Last Wednesday, July 23 the Ukrainian parliament secretariat registered the regulation project for renovation of Ukraine as a nuclear power. Representatives of nationalistic "Freedom" party were among the originators of the document. Further consideration of the project will be held by Foreign policy Committee, Committee for National Security and Defense and the Budget Committee.

Meanwhile the state of Ukrainian economy, industry and armed forces directly points at the fact that realization of Kiev's nuclear ambitions may take a while, and the cost of such a project may reach $30 to $40 billion. However it's well-known that local government does not possess so much money.

Brought to reality, the military nuclear program can be used by the politicians in Kiev as an instrument of pressure against the people of the south-eastern regions and the international community itself.

Not to forget the low professional skills of the Ukrainian military. Besides, Ukrainian nationalists' aggressive behavior and the constant state of war in Ukraine may possibly lead to maleficent use of nuclear weapons.

Thereby all conditions are created in Ukraine for a full-scale humanitarian and ecological disaster.