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Ukrainian Forces Launch Armored Attack on Slaviansk Suburbs

06.06.2014 14:39

Ukrainian forces are using tanks for the first time in the course of the two-month standoff between self-defense forces in the city of Slaviansk and the Ukrainian army, a source in the headquarters of the independence supporters told RIA Novosti Friday.

"Tanks are currently attacking Slaviansk in two directions ? from Krasnyi Liman (a city north of Slaviansk) and Semyonovka (Slaviansk eastern suburb),"the source said.

According to independence supporters three or four tanks are currently stationed in Semyonovka which was earlier attacked with self-propelled mortars. The tanks are trying to attack activists that are forced to constantly switch positions to avoid fighting.

Several other tanks were seen near Krasnyi Liman. Independence supporters claim they managed to damage one of the armored vehicles.

Ukraine's Slaviansk has been the epicenter of running battles over the past weeks. On Tuesday the fighting near Slaviansk and Krasnyi Lyman claimed the lives of 300 self-defense officers and left about 500 injured, according to the national Special Forces.

The Ukrainian side lost two fighters. 45 soldiers were injured.