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The way residents of Lugansk and Donetsk turned into "terrorists"

05.05.2014 18:50

Kiev's punitive operation against the population of South- East of Ukraine is gaining momentum. Junta leader Oleksandr Turchynov has already come to the point that he expressly called citizens who disagree with the nationalist Kiev policy "terrorists".

"The situation in Donetsk and Lugansk is radically different from the situation in other regions of Ukraine ... And first of all it is due to the fact that many of the locals, let's be honest, support the separatists and even terrorists. This reality greatly complicates the antiterrorist operation," Turchinov said in a broadcast on Ukrainian television.

In fact, in his own words Turchinov made it clear that the one who calls for recognition of Russian language in Ukraine, for the federalization or who is simply wearing St. George ribbon, automatically becomes an accomplice of terrorists. And Odessa massacre when 5 thousand radical fans attacked the camp of pro-Russian activists and burn 40 people has shown the way Kiev junta is going to deal with such "terrorists".

It's only been six months since thousands of people as thoughtless crowd under democratic slogans were taken to the street in Kiev. And today the same democratizers who recently were calling for the European integration and the human rights, burn dissenters in Odessa, shoot militias from helicopters in Slovyansk and Kramatorsk and openly promote Ukrainian nationalism turning into Nazism . And of course it's all is accompanied by applause the West, which as always shows a double standard policy, maintaining fascist tendencies in Ukraine.

But the active use of violence shows weakness and inability to hold on the power. We see the agony of Maidan leaders, who understand that the counter-revolution in Ukraine will bring them by the Hague Tribunal and conviction. Turchynov, Yatsenyuk, Tyahnibok and others are ready to carry out punitive operations and kill hundreds of people in order to remain in power and save their lives. The U.S. is satisfied with this scenario because for this purpose Washington has used its influence to organize a coup d'etat and to pass the country into the hands of nationalist leaders.

But the plan failed. The Ukraine doesn't want to become a Russophobian state. Instead of it there is a wave of pro-Russian sentiment in Ukraine, which began in the Crimea and captured most of the country.

While Kiev is trying to discourage Slovyansk and Kramatorsk using armor and helicopters Donetsk militia has seized Debalcevo city. While Head of the Ukraine Security Service Nalivaychenko is inventing new provocations in Odessa , local special forces units Berkut throw shields and deliberately leave the cordon, not willing to help those who are responsible for dozens of victims.

Kiev junta has completely discredited itself, and further violence will only accelerate the process of cleansing the country from the fascist plague.