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19.02.2014 12:37

Alexei Bratchenko

The day the whole world waited eagerly for, came. On 6 February, the first competitions of XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi began. Will these Games live up expectations of millions of Russians and spectators from the whole world? Will they really become the best in the history of the Winter Olympics?

Even today it is safe to say that the great work performed in preparation for the Olympic Games will give Russia an excellent opportunity for further economic development. Modern sports facilities built in Sochi, up before the start of the Olympics, made the city one of the best centers for international winter competitions.

A grand building in Sochi is a long-term project. All sports facilities will be used after the Olympics. The city will have its own hockey team; training grounds will receive throughout the year not only Russian but also foreign athletes. So we, sports fans, will have more than once the opportunity to come to this wonderfully beautiful city to try ourselves in the role of an Olympian on the track.

As for the games proper, as I have seen all with my own eyes, I have no doubt that it will be the best Winter Olympics. Sochi is a project that has raised the qualification standard to unprecedented heights for organizers of such scale competitions. By 2014, Russia has succeeded in everything: the site is unique ? competitions in winter sports are being held in a subtropical climate; newly-built modern sports facilities meet all safety standards; a convenient infrastructure created: new roads, tunnels, comfortable hotels... All is performed at such a high level that doubts naturally arise: will the next Winter Olympics in 2018 in Korea be as splendid? I doubt, time will tell though.

Before starting the Games an issue of their security was often raised; many "experts" expressed concerns about this. But in reality there is nothing to fear. In Sochi, law enforcement agencies have done everything that nothing could impede the sports festival. Detachments patrolling the city consist of the best police from all over Russia, so that all guests Olympics feel perfectly safe.

Many sports officials, representatives of the International Olympic Committee, coaches and, of course, athletes themselves, who had time to see the Olympic Sochi have already decided on assessment. According to them, it would be great Olympics.

The time idle reports about whether the Olympic facilities would be built on time and concerns about their safety have passed. Now everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the heat of passion and honest struggle in sports arenas of Sochi.