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U.S. soldiers pass on the baton of brutality to Australians

18.09.2013 16:44

Anton Semenov

Australia's Defense Ministry has initiated an investigation into the incrimination of Special Forces soldiers in the dismemberment of Afghan militants' bodies. The fighters are suspected of having cut off the hands of the killed.

The Australian command has not yet confirmed the data of malpractice of the Special Forces soldiers. The generals said that "the investigation into the incident of discipline violations" is still in progress.

It is worth noting that the Australian military, despite of showing themselves cruel to the defeated opponents had still a lot to learn from their American counterparts. The U.S. Armed Forces might as well write books on the topic of mockery of dead enemies.

Just a year ago, the world was shaken by the scenes of the US Marine Corps soldiers with laughter and jokes to urinate on several bloody corpses of Afghans killed by them. However, despite the fact that subsequently all of them were identified by the military prosecutor's office, they continue to serve in the third battalion of the second regiment of the U.S. Marine Corps. And this is despite the fact that mockery of enemies' corpses contravenes the Geneva Convention on the rules of war.

A year before these events Uncle Sam's troops once again became 'stars' of the Internet. Then about two dozen photos and two videos got into the global network. The footage shows the U.S. armed forces soldiers posing standing with the bodies of dead Afghans. Moreover, on all the pictures the Americans smile in all 32 teeth, and on some photographs the soldiers having turned the killed' head to the camera shows their thumb.

Unfortunately the war crimes of U.S. soldiers are not limited to the abuses of dead bodies. Over the last years, the media have repeatedly reported on the atrocities of the Americans in Iraq, Afghanistan and Cuba. The video "The Dead Zone" showing the killing of two unarmed Afghans, civilians in Kandahar in 2010, the case of Sgt. Frank Wuterich that killed 24 Iraqi civilians. The case Sgt. Calvin Gibbs who forced his subordinates to kill civilians. In addition, in the investigation Gibbs confessed that he cut off the corpses' fingers and knocked out teeth and left them as trophies.

The investigators also found out that in the element entrusted to Gibbs there was no discipline: soldiers used drugs, kept unaccounted arms, beat their fellow officers and committed abuse of corpses.

Crimes in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo prisons can serve a basis for the script of a horror movie. Thus, in these prisons dogs are set on prisoners, they are regularly beaten, starved and tortured with electric current, the Koran is burnt in front of the Muslims.

These places of detention contain those people in custody who are not legally charged. This means that in fact they have no hope of salvation, because simply no lawyers have access to them.

When you see it all on television screens and monitors, it is hard to believe that all this is happening in the XXI century, where laws, human rights, the Geneva Convention, and democracy exist. However, the reality is that for the Americans and their allies, it is nothing more than pretentious words promoted in the international community by their own governments.