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Kant Russian base military staff visited Kyrgyzstan orphanages

15.04.2013 16:19

With a new batch of gifts for children the military of the Russian Kant air base, under CSTO auspices, arrived in the children's foster adaptation-foster center "Umut" and a family-type children's home "Altyn-uya" in Kant. Women's council of the unit is conducting a perpetual campaign "Let's help these children" by organizing the collection of children's items, toys, developmental literature and belles-lettres, stationery, sports equipment, food stuffs to support children in difficult living conditions.

The kids from Umut, and they are orphaned children under the age of 6 years, know well their welcome visitors, greet them like old friends. And they are rejoicing best of all not so much at gifts as at an opportunity to communicate and share their successes with those they sincerely love. And the Russian military treat the kids like their own children, always listen to them, praise for their successes, and sympathize for temporary failures.

In Altyn-uya older children live; all of them go to secondary school No. 3 of Kant. They are slightly more restrained in the manifestation of emotions, but equally open to communicate with the Kant air base representatives. And guests are welcomed here not only because of the assistance provided by the military unit to children from the children's home, but also because they see a sincere interest the air base representatives take in the life of Altyn-uya children.

Leaders and educators of the children's foster adaptation-foster center "Umut" and the family-type children's home "Altyn-uya" are always glad to arrival of the servicemen from the Russian air base. They note that the visit of the military is always beneficial to their children, help to set new goals and achieve them.