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The value of the Stalingrad battle for the future of Moldova and Romania to be discussed by historians in Chisinau

11.02.2013 11:53

Chisinau, on February 1, will host the International Conference "The Great Stalingrad Battle and its value for the future of Moldova and Romania" dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the greatest battle of World War II. Conference is being held by a group of historians from Moldova and other countries, united around the Pro-Moldova Association of Historians and Political Scientists, to counteract the falsification of history.

The conference will be attended by scholars from Moldova, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Hungary, Moldova, RM government representatives, members of the diplomatic corps accredited in Moldova, experts in this field, members of non-governmental organizations, students, and graduates.

Issues planned to be discussed during the event: "The world-historical significance of the Battle of Stalingrad and its impact on the future of Moldova and Romania", "Participation of the natives of Moldavia in the Battle of Stalingrad", "Romanian factor in the Battle of Stalingrad", "Diplomatic aspects of the Battle of Stalingrad", "Criticism of various pseudo-scientific concepts of the Great World War II that spread in the post-Soviet space in general, and particularly in Moldova".

February 2, 2013 is the 70th anniversary of the end of the great Battle of Stalingrad, the largest battle of the Second World War, having great importance for the history of the world. Just that battle became a turning point in the war that opened the path to the liberation of the peoples of Europe from fascist enslavement.

During the battles for the defence of Stalingrad, the sons and daughters of the Moldovan people fought shoulder to shoulder with soldiers and commanders of the victorious Red Army. The defeat of the Nazi group raised the morale of the Soviet troops and accelerated the liberation of the occupied territories of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova. But one must not forget either that many Moldovans, called up to the acting Romanian Army that fought on the side of Nazi Germany were killed, wounded or taken prisoner during the Battle of Stalingrad.

The outcome of the great battle on the Volga also had a tremendous impact on the fate of Romania, triggering the crisis of pro-fascist regime of Marshal Ion Antonescu, and hereafter - the Romanian troops going across to the side of the anti-Hitler coalition.