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An IAF air strike on Syria: international response

02.02.2013 11:15

Syrian MFA has voiced its protest to a UN representative in the Golan Heights over Israel's air strike

Syria's Foreign Ministry summoned Commander of the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force in the occupied Golan (UNDOF), Major-General Iqbal Singha and informed him of its official condemnation of the violation of Syrian airspace by Israeli Air Force aircraft.

Syria's Foreign Ministry said the Israeli invasion of Syrian airspace violates the Israel-Syria Separation of Forces Agreement, 1974. In 1981, the Israeli parliament adopted a decision to annex the Golan Heights, and the line of demarcation became Israel's official boundary.

It is noteworthy that earlier Eduardo del Buey, Deputy Spokesperson for the Secretary-General said that the UN peacekeepers, stationed in the Golan Heights, do not confirm the information about the invasion of Syrian airspace by the Israel Air Force.

"The UN force has not recorded any incidents of air violation by planes above the line of separation, and therefore can not confirm the information about the incident," he said.

Eduardo del Buey also reminded that on January 29 this year, the peacekeepers stationed in southern Lebanon, noticed an increased activity of the Israeli Air Force.

It should be noted that Eduardo del Buey's statement is contrary to the words of his boss, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who expressed serious concern about the IAF air strike on Syrian Scientific Research Center. "This raid, reported by the Syrian side, raises concerns," said Ban Ki-moon, calling on all parties concerned to prevent tensions in the region.

A.Lukashevich: The U.S. is trying to turn everything upside down

Russian MFA Spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said the words by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about Russia's inaction over the Syrian conflict settlement ? "is an attempt to turn everything upside down."

"It is not the first time that we hear from the lips of American representatives in their public utterances a very preconceived and incorrect interpretation of Russia's position (on Syria). This also applies to Hillary Clinton's statements," said Lukashevich.

He also noted that Moscow has not received from Washington any information that supposedly one of the targets of Israeli strikes on Syria was a convoy with air defense facilities, which was bound to Lebanon for Hezbollah. "I have seen these messages. In this respect we have not had any exchange of information with American colleagues," said Lukashevich.

Russian Foreign Ministry: The Israeli Air Force's air strike on the Syrian Scientific Research Center is a gross violation of the UN Charter

"Moscow has received with grave concern reports of the Israeli Air Force's raid on targets in Syria near Damascus. If this information is confirmed, then we are dealing with unprovoked attacks on targets on the territory of a sovereign country, which blatantly violates the U.N. Charter," says the report of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The League of Arab States issued a sharp condemnation of Israel's actions against Syria

"We condemn the blatant Israeli aggression, which is a clear violation of international laws and conventions, an attack against a sovereign Arab state," said the head of the Arab League, Nabil Arabi,.

The head of the Arab League also imposed on Israel "full responsibility for the criminal act committed by it" warning of the possible consequences. "Syria has every right to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity, and can also demand compensation from Israel for material damage," N.Arabi added.

Syrian Ambassador to Lebanon: We will find the time and opportunity for "an unexpected response strike" on Israel

"Syria has a decision of a sudden response to this aggression in the right place and in an appropriate way," said a representative of the Foreign Ministry.

The Iranian MFA: Israel will bear responsibility for the air strikes

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister, Hossein Amir-Abdollahiyan said Israel will bear responsibility for air strikes on a military research center in a suburb of Damascus.

"The sides that have always had a tough stance towards Syria must take serious measures and take a firm stand against this attack by the Tel Aviv and to prioritize regional security," said H.Abdollahiyan calling on the UN Secretary General to take countermeasures.

Hezbollah expressed "full solidarity" with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

The Lebanese Shiite organization Hezbollah called the Israeli airstrike an act of aggression and expressed "full solidarity" with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. "The new Israeli aggression is further proof of the Zionist entity's criminal nature," reads the statement of Hezbollah.

Lakhdar Brahimi has presented a new plan for a peaceful settlement of the conflict in Syria

The new UN-Arab League envoy on Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi submitted to the UN Security Council a new plan for a peaceful settlement of the conflict between the Syrian government and the rebels, the pan-Arab newspaper al-Hayat reports. According to Brahimi, the basis of this six items plan is not a call for a cease-fire since "in any case it will be broken, if it is the only one offer."

"Undoubtedly, the first step of any plan should be a cease-fire. However, it must be part of a package of measures," said the UN-Arab League envoy on Syria.

At the same time, Brahimi did not disclose specific details about the plan items, but stressed that "Syria's fate lies in the hands of the UN Security Council." "At the moment I do not want to divulge details. Now the situation is in the hands of the UN Security Council," said Lakhdar Brahimi.

However, according to al-Hayat, Brahimi's plan "emphasizes Syria's territorial integrity, equality before the law of all Syrians and the dignity of the Syrian people. It also implies the creation of a transition committee with executive powers, the signing by various parties to the conflict of an agreement on principles of negotiation and the beginning of the negotiations on the time frame of elections in Syria."