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Rogozin: In matters of missile defense Russia does not believe the words

12.12.2012 10:08

Russia hopes that after the reelection of Barack Obama as U.S. President, Washington will consider Russia's opinion on anti-ballistic missile (ABM). It was announced on Thursday by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

"When it comes to the ABM system and its nondirectionality - as we are assured - against Russia, we do not believe the words. Gorbachev did, and we do not," said Rogozin at the international conference "Nuclear Weapons and International Security in the 21st Century".

"We are the bad guys," he joked. "We need guarantees, better on paper, that the missile defense system being created in Europe is aimed against short-and medium-range missiles," said Deputy Prime Minister.

According to him, "so far the system's claimed data are such that its capacities can allow shooting down Russian large missiles." "The ABM system may be not against us, but concerns us," said Rogozin. In reference to the cooperation between Russia and NATO, Rogozin said Moscow has long offered to give up military planning against each other, to stop keeping on the maps the facilities to be destroyed in the first place in case of an attack. He also proposed Russia and the West to more actively interact in the field of military technology.

According to D.Rogozin, the term "defense", as implied by the acronym "ABM", does not mean defense. According to Deputy Prime Minister, the U.S. uses the ABM to defend not its territory, but to protect its offensive potential.

The U.S. creates regional ABM systems on three potential theaters of military operations: in Europe, together with other NATO countries, in the Asian-Pacific Region, together with Japan and Australia; in the Middle East, together with Israel. The most advanced of them is the European ABM, which is formed through the integration of the U.S. missile-defense elements deployed in Europe, and other NATO members' opportunities in the field. For example, the Patriot complexes are in the inventory of Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Greece; France and Italy have similar European systems.

Recall, on June 20 this year Russian President Vladimir Putin at a press conference following the summit G20 in Los Cabos, Mexico, said the ABM problem can only be resolved if the U.S., Europe and Russia become equal participants in the construction of an anti-ballistic missile system.

"This means that all three participants to this process - Europe, the U.S. and Russia - together would create this system, together would have the opportunity to evaluate outbound threats and would be able to jointly manage this system, to make decisions on its use. This would dramatically change the security situation in the world," said Putin.