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Iraq president Jalal Talabani hospitalized after suffering stroke

19.12.2012 18:00

According to Iranian mass media, Iraq president Jalal Talabani was hospitalized after suffering stroke. Later there was a contradictory information that Talabani still doesn't recover and, probably, felled into a coma or died.

Nevertheless doctors evaluate a status of the president of Iraq as critical, but stable. In the official statement on the head of state page it is reported that he brought to physicians on Tuesday night, December 18, because of "overfatigue". It is also known that he fainted. Sharp deterioration of a status of Talabani connects to obstruction of arteries.

The press secretary of prime minister Nouri al-Maliki declared Associated Press that Talabani is in hospital in Iraq capital.

Talabani became the president of the country in 2005. Recently it mediated in the conflict between the government and Kurds because of the disputable territories.