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The USA agreed to sell Georgia defensive arms

13.12.2012 09:43

Washington opened possibility to purchase defensive weapons necessary for Georgia. It was declared to journalists by the Georgia's Minister of Defence Irakly Alasany.

"American group of bilateral military cooperation with Georgia was in Tbilisi about ten days ago. It was very successful planned meeting. Unexpectedly for us American side opened for us possibility to purchase defensive arms. I can't say about it more, but the main thing that the USA have political decision", - the minister told.

He didn't exclude that this step can become an irritant for Russia. "With the American representatives we agreed that during the American-Russian dialogue this question will be presented", - told Alasany. According to him, possibility of purchasing by Georgia defensive weapons won't break balance of military forces in the region.

Meanwhile, the budget deficit of Georgia in 2012 was 3,5% from gross domestic product, for 15% having exceeded the income of Georgia (8 billion 242 million lari). Thus the considerable part in expenses is occupied by funds for service of an external debt of the country. In particular, according to draft of the state budget of Georgia for 2013, size of expenses on service of external debts of Georgia increases by 2,2 times - from 298,8 million lari this year to 665 million lari in 2013, and the budget also remains scarce.

In this situation, there is a question about cost of American arms and search of funds for their purchase. Knowing the principles of American policy, it is possible to claim with confidence that Washington itself offered Georgia these credits to sale production and increase debt dependence of Tbilisi.