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In 2013, Russia to allocate three billion rubles to Transdniestria

02.11.2012 10:05

State Duma deputy, Sergei Gavrilov, during his visit to Tiraspol, said that in 2013, Russia plans to allocate about three billion rubles to the republic of Transdniestria for implementation of various projects.

Sergei Gavrilov, a coordinator for the parliamentary cooperation group of Russia for Transdniestria, said that it particularly comes to communal services reform and the republic roads renovation projects. In addition, he said, Russia will help the agricultural sector of Transdniestria, will support road carriers and railway communication in the region.

In Tiraspol Gavrilov met with the Foreign Minister of the Republic Nina Shtansky. Speaking later at a news briefing, he also said that it is also planned to modernize and re-equip the Russian peacekeeping contingent in Transdniestria.