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The exercise of the 201st Russian military base on the Tajik firing grounds: so that it was easy in battle

19.09.2012 11:52

Irina Dubovitskaya

The tense situation at the border with the continuously warring for over thirty years Afghanistan, complicated by the beginning of withdrawal of the U.S. troops from this country, dictates the increased vigilance of military and security forces of the SCO member states seeking to prevent the spread of the Afghan military conflict in their space.

One important element of the collective security system of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is staying in the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan of the 201st Russian military base ? a guarantor of peace and stability in the region.

Here, in the Lyaur, Momirak, and Sambuli firing grounds the other day intensive combat training began together with military reconnaissance units.

During a field departure for a few days with the scouts, special tactical, physical, special, fire, engineering and medical training exercises will be held. During the control exercise with reconnaissance units in this region special attention is given to quality of mountain training special exercises.

This is not the first exercise; the training course has been going on for over a month. The scouts have learned the issues of positions fortification, mine obstacles installation, organization and maintaining the interaction in battle, as well as special techniques of hand-to-hand fighting with the use of improvised means. Today, the Russian military acquire practical skills in different situations, under simulated combat conditions, both in daytime and at night.

At the final stage of the field training, company special tactical, live fire exercises of the scouts will be held; experts will pass the mountain training standards.

The other day at the military base a field command-staff exercise was completed under the supervision of the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Central Military District, Major-General Sergei Chuvakin.

The main goals set by the commander of the Central Military District for the participants of the exercise ? to improve practical skills of the military base's administration and staff officers in making operational and tactical calculations, as well as checking efficiency of the previously developed plans of the military combat readiness improvement.

During the exercise, the formation headquarters were placed in a complex and rapidly changing tactical situation, from a field control post practicing the tasks of maneuver warfare, combat team-work and operational control agencies interaction.

In addition to the work and planning military operations on maps, the exercise authorities have also repeatedly tested the practical actions of the militaries of the formation. For example, those who were on day duty in the units showed high vigilance when special groups tried at night time to place dummy explosive devices. The Antiterror immediate reaction force has prevented attacks on military facilities, theft of documents of special importance and the destabilization in the area of responsibility of the formation.

According to the press service of the 201st base, Major-General Sergei Chuvakin expressed satisfaction with the course of exercises, noting that all the activities of the command-staff exercise were conducted without disruptions or delays, and the assigned tasks and standards are fulfilled. The Deputy Chief of Staff of the Central Military District highly appreciated the readiness of the military base in fulfilling the tasks connected with countering terrorism.