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The Same Double Standards

21.05.2012 10:25


?The U.S. government looks hypocritical when it condemns the use of force against strikers in Syria, but connives at the similar policy in Bahrain,? Dr. Natalie J. Goldring, a senior fellow with the Center for Peace and Security Studies in the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, told IPS (Inter Press Service).

It should be remembered that the forces of the rule of the Al Khalifa in Bahrain during the actions of the opposition devoted to the anniversary of protests against the ruling regime (14.02.2011) use different methods to suppress the people. Particularly, they open fire for effects, use poisonous gases against the protesters, terrorize them by repression and searches. Thus, on the island of Sitra, police used poison gas even against schoolchildren.

Meanwhile, the League of Arab States (LAS), and Western European countries, which always keep a close watch on events in the Middle East, do not focus attention on the difficult situation in Bahrain. For some reason the West and the LAS are more concerned about ?the excessive use of force? by the government of Syria against the militant opposition and the emerged major militant units of al-Qaeda, while the similar events in Bahrain, where the rebels? actions are brutally suppressed by the authorities, are silenced.

The reasons for these double standards are obvious considering that the U.S. has long ago got registered in Bahrain, and their 5th Fleet is constantly expanding its base in this kingdom. As shown in the local press, the 5th Fleet in the near future will formally take control of the new territory in its naval base, which in February 2012 was confirmed by a representative of the U.S. Navy in the region.

At the same time, despite the criticism of Russia, the American ?peacekeepers? themselves are currently considering a contract for the supply of arms and military equipment to Bahrain valued at sum of $53 million. And this is with the assumption that the political unrest in the country has already caused a death toll of 34 people, mostly from among the civilian population. At least 1,400 people more were arrested and more than 3,600 have lost their jobs for taking part in demonstrations under democratic slogans.

?Having announced recently about the alleged supply of arms to Bahrain, the United States gave to understand that it is going to cooperate with this country, in a situation where we would have to behave ourselves very differently,? says Goldring.

It is worth noting that a draft contract for the supply of arms, triggering violent protests of human rights organizations, means that Bahrain will receive 44 armored high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicles, missiles, launchers, as well as the enclosed accessories. The U.S. is also going to train the Bahrainis to handle all of these weapons.

According to Goldring, ?it will not be easy for people to understand the ?peacekeeping? policy and to take seriously the statements of U.S. on democracy and human rights in the Middle East if America is arming its Bahrain allies against civilians.?

Russia and China have become the only countries to vote against the American ?diplomatic? and military activities in the Middle East. Russia has maintained good relations with Syria, it can not abandon to its fate, because the Middle East is, first of all, Russia?s southern outpost, a zone of its vital interests. Therefore, pursuing a flexible policy towards the West, Russia, in the meantime, is quite different to the ailing Syrian issue.

Based on the foregoing, it is safe to say that Russia will continue to provide political protection to Syria, supporting it in the UN Security Council and other international bodies, which is quite enough for Syria. All the more so Bashar al-Assad continues to enjoy considerable support within the country.